Treated Millwork
Manufactured from finger-jointed and edge-glued Radiata Pine from ARAUCO’s sustainably managed, certified forest plantations in Chile, TruChoice ARAUCO Exterior Siding and Edge-Glued Board products are treated for moisture-, decay-, and pest-resistance, and carry a 30-year limited warranty against fungal decay and insect attack.

· Non-corrosive to nails and fasteners.
· Resistant to warping and shrinkage.
· Smooth, sanded surface that is free of defects.
· Surfaced with a ready-to-paint, Alkyd (oil) primer.
· Available smooth-sanded or rough sawn.
· Formulated to meet the requirements of the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA) in the categories of UC2, UC3A, and UC3B (above ground, exterior uses).
· Treatment does not modify the wood’s natural color.
· Products are treated after passing through the moulder, avoiding generation of treated waste.
· Products carry a 30-year limited warranty (will add more information regarding this warranty) against fungal decay and insect attack (including termites).
· TruChoice Treated sidings, edge-glued boards and mouldings are LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) with Vacsol® Azure, an organically-based preservative made from water-resistant compounds and three EPA-approved fungicide and insecticide ingredients commonly used in agriculture. (Propiconazole and Tebuconazole as fungicide components and Permethrin as the insecticide and/or termiticide component).
· The treating process includes water repellent components (paraffin wax and hydrocarbon resin).
· Treatment contains no heavy metals.
· Treatment does not alter the wood’s natural color.
· Products are treated after passing through the pattern moulder, eliminating the generation of treated waste.
· TruChoice Treated sidings, edge-glued boards and mouldings are primed with an Alkyd primer specially developed for ARAUCO by Sherwin Williams Chile S.A. This primer was specifically developed to work with the LOSP-treated Radiata Pine TruChoice Treated products and offers:
- Alkyd primer formulated for use with LOSP treated wood.
- High filler performance and good adhesion, leveling and hiding power.
- Acrylic second coat available.
- Strong base for top coat adhesion.
- High resistance to cracking, flaking, and/or chipping.
· Cost effective.
· Durable.
· Easy to install.
· Ready to paint.
· Beauty and detail of real wood.
· A cross-linking PVA adhesive recommended for applications requiring ASTM D5572 wet use performance is applied to the finger-joints.
· An EPI adhesive that conforms to ASTM D5751 and meets the requirements for wet use is the bonding agent for the edge-glue.
· Interior or exterior applications that are not in direct contact with the ground.
· Fascia Boards.
· Siding.
· Corner Boards.
· Mouldings.
· Door and window components.